Camera battery Canon NB-3L

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€8.00 guarantees that your camera will be equally functional with MultiEnergy battery as it was with the original battery.
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Device Manufacturer Canon
Battery brand MultiEnergy
Compatible Device Digital Camera
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity 790 mah
Chemistry Li-Ion
Rate 2.90 Wh
Certification C.E, RoHS, ISO9001
Dimensions L x W x H 44.76 x 31.71 x 9.05mm
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 50 gr

For Canon series

Digital 30
Digital IXUS 700
  • Digital IXUS 750
Digital IXUS i
  • Digital IXUS i5.
Digital IXUS II
  • Digital IXUS IIs
IXY Digital 30
  • IXY Digital 30a
IXY Digital 600
IXY Digital 700
IXY Digital D30
IXY Digital L
  • IXY Digital L2
PowerShot SD10
PowerShot SD20
PowerShot SD100
  • PowerShot SD110
PowerShot SD500
  • PowerShot SD550

Replaces battery

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