Varta CR 2/3AA Lithium battery

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Industrial Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery from Varta CR 2/3AA 3V, long self life of more than 10 years, Wide operating temperature range -30oC up to 70oC

Key features

  • Environment-compatible system (Li-MnO2)
  • Precision laser welded seal
  • High energy density
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low self-discharge (<1 % per year at Room Temperature)
  • Long shelf life; in excess of 10 years


  • Memory back-up (RAM), 
  • Real time clocks, 
  • Alarm systems,
  • Sensors and water, 
  • Gas and electricity meters.

Varta CR /3AA

More Information
Brand Varta
Technology One Use
Chemistry Lithium
Voltage 3V
Capacity mah 1350 mah
Package items 1
Common device Applications Memory Back up, Radio Clocks, Security devices
Dimensions D x L 14.45 X 33.10 mm
Weight 15 gr