CR1225 Lithium battery Varta 3V

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BR1225 Lithium coin primary cell 3V

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More Information
Brand Varta
Technology One Use
Chemistry Lithium
Battery Size BR1225
Voltage 3V
Package items 1
Common device Applications Watches, Clocks, Memory Back up, Remote controls , Blood Pressures, Calculators , Toys, Wireless Systems, Electronics, Glucometers, Key fobs, Medical devices
Equivalent to sizes CR1225, DL1225, ECR1225, BR1225, DL1225B, BR1225-1W, CR1225-1W, KCR1225, LM1225, 5020LC, L30, ECR1225EN
Dimensions D x L 12.5 X 2.5 mm
Notes The price shown does not include the watch battery replacement cost
Weight 1 gr