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Choetech Micro-USB Wireless Charger Receiver A


The Qi receiver for Android smartphones enables wireless charging on your compatible Micro-USB interfaced Smartphone, allowing you to charge your device on any Qi compatible wireless charger. Low Heat Emission: Adopts TI intelligent chip to prevent your phone from overheating during charging, make your phone get charging safer and more stable. Ultra-thin and Durable Design: Ultra thin with small size, adds no bulk to your phone. You can always keep the receiver attached to your smartphone and hidden it between your phone and case. metal connector makes it more durable and smooth to plug in/out. Phone Case Adaptability: Qi technology can be used with most non-metallic cases and under 5mm thickness, for hard cases, cards and other objects may block the signal.

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  • Insert the Qi wireless receiver into the Micro-USB port of your phone.
  • Gently bend the receiver around the back of the phone. Ensure Qi logo is facing up.
  • While holding the receiver secure in the middle, carefully slide the phone into the case.
  • Place your phone on top of the wireless charger .


  1. A Qi Wireless Charger is required (not included) to charge your phone wirelessly.
  2. Please try to use a high-quality Qi wireless charger with the receiver to avoid overheat during charging.
  3. Make sure that the receiver and the charger are placed on the right position.
  4. Please don't use any metallic or thick cases as the wireless signal can't get through them
  5. Micro USB Receiver A:Narrow-Interface Downwards

Technical Specifications

Brand Choetech
Interface: Micro USB
Accessory Type Wireless Charger Receiver
Compatible with Android Smartphones
Input 5V / 1A ~ Output 5V / 0.8A
Color Black
Warranty 18 Months
Dimensions L x W x H 113mm x 43.5mm
Weight 6gr

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Choetech Micro-USB Wireless Charger Receiver A