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Olight RM30 Dimmable remote pressure switch


The Olight RM30 Remote Pressure Switch has been devised as an accessory for use primarily with Olight-brand tactical flashlights and weapon lights, such as the M30 Triton and the M20S Warrior. You have a couple of choices on the RM30 when it comes to cord length, you can select either a short or a long cord.

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  • There are three buttons on a small panel, which are designed to change the brightness level of the flashlight that you are using with the remote pressure switch.
  • You can even control the flashlight's strobe level with this device.
  • The Olight RM30 is able to recall your previous selection of brightness level and immediately go to that.
  • It works by the user removing the original tail cap of the flashlight, then screwing the replacement tail cap of the RM30 onto the flashlight.
  • Another admirably practical feature of this remote pressure switch is that, with it, you can activate your light with a momentary-on or a constant-on status.
  • If you already have an Olight tactical flashlight or a weapon light, be sure to pick up the RM30 Remote Pressure Switch, it is essential for a quick and smooth operation to your Olight.
  • Devised as accessory for Olight M30 Triton and M20S Warrior flashlights
  • Select either a short cord or a long cord for the Pressure Switch
  • Three buttons are on a small panel, designed to change brightness level of flashlight
  • Control flashlight's strobe level, too
  • Able to recall previous selection of brightness level and immediately go to it
  • Activate your light with a momentary-on or a constant-on status

Technical Specifications

Brand Olight
Accessory Type Remote Pressure Switch
Compatible with Flashlights M20 Series, M30 Series
Color Black
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 20gr

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Olight RM30 Dimmable remote pressure switch