Energizer Ultimate ΑΑΑ Lithium battery L92

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Energizer innovation strikes again! New enhancements make Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries THE best and longest-lasting disposable batteries. Why go a day without the devices you count on the most? Depend on Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for your most critical devices for work, play and home.
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Work – Whether used in a wireless mouse, for high-powered LED lighting, a laser level or stud finder, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries help you stay powered up on the job.

Play – Love camping, fishing, hiking or hunting? Is gaming your preferred way to play? Whether your play is outdoors with a handheld GPS or indoors with a Wii, Energizer Ultimate Lithium innovation helps you stay powered longer with the activities you love.

Home - When capturing memories with your digital camera, protecting your home with a security system, or managing your remote-controlled home devices, you want the World’s Highest Energy batteries. Look to Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries as essential products for a smart home.

Top Innovative Features for Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries

  • Longest-lasting battery for high-tech devices
  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures from -40F to 140F degrees – great for use in all seasons
  • Holds power in storage for up to 20 years
  • Lighter weight than alkaline batteries
  • Leakproof

By using longer-lasting & reliable batteries, consumers use fewer batteries, create less waste, and have less impact on the planet. We're leading the journey to a future where Energizer has a positive impact on the world. Join our Journey!





More Information
Brand Energizer
Technology One Use
Chemistry Lithium
Battery Size AAA LR03
Voltage 1.5V
Package items 2
Common device Applications Clocks, Radio Clocks, Cameras, Toys, Wireless Desktop Sets, Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Mice, Electronics, Flashlights
Equivalent to sizes AAA, LR3, LR03, 24A, MN2400, 4003, ND61R
Dimensions D x L 10.5mm x 44.5mm
Weight 25 gr