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Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Mount
Code: FENIX.ALG-03
The Fenix ALG-03 Headlamp Helmet Mount allows you to quickly attach and detach the HL55 or HL60R headlamp to any outdoor or work helmet, making sure the headlamp stays securely fixed to your helmet. Now you can adjust the light angle without worrying about the headlamp slipping or having to readjust positioning on your helmet. Attach the mount easily with the included adhesive tape, then slide your headlamp into the durable nylon mount. In addition, it uses thickened blown-sponge, to fit to more helmets in various ways.
Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €6.50
Fenix ALD-08 Bike Light Helmet Holder
Code: FNX.ALD08
The ALD-08 Hemlet Bicycle Light Holder is the perfect tool for attaching a Fenix bike light to your helmet. Quicky attach and remove the light with the push/pull quick release mount. Think cushioning on the base adds stability and a layer of protection for your helmet. Compatible with all Fenix bike lights. Gain extra lighting and added safety by adding a Fenix bike light to your helmet. Compatible Bike Lights: BC21R V2.0 / BC30R / BC25R / BC35R / BC30 / BC30 V2.0
Olight FB-1 Universal Flashlight bike mount
The FB-1 bike mount allows any flashlight with a diameter of 10-35mm to attach to your bicycle handlebars. Simply attach the bottom side to your handlebars and the flashlight on top using the included thick silicone straps. You can use either forward or angle head flashlights by using the included tool to rotate the base of the mount.The bottom line: If you have a bike and a flashlight, this is the perfect companion for any nighttime rides.
Fenix ALG-06 tactical remote pressure switch mount
Code: FNX.ALG06

The Fenix ALG-06 tactical remote pressure switch mount is specially designed for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches. This version allows you to attach the pressure switch to a M-Lok guide rail. This creates a secure hold for the pressure switch of an AER remote switch. The body of the mount is made of aluminum alloy with hard-anodized finish, and it is non-reflective with a matte black finish, making it better for tactical concealment.

AER Series remote switch is not included with this mount.

Fenix ALD-05 Helmet Flashlight Holder
Code: FNX.ALD05

The best way to attach your flashlight to you helmet is the ALD-05 Helmet Flashlight Holder. The rubber suction cup strap securely attaches to most types of helmets. Fits flashlights with a body diameter of 20-28mm and the mount is 360° adjustable, allowing you to put light where you need it. Made of an anti-static rubber material, the ALD-05 is heat resistant and oil resistant—built to withstand any environment.

Olight X-WM03 Magnetic Weapon Mount
Code: OLT.XWM03
The newest edition to their line of magnetic accessories, Olight X-WM03 is a magnetic mount that fits 23-26mm diameter flashlights. Magnetic accessories are on the rise as they offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to quickly attach or detach your light from a hunting rifle. This is an excellent mount to pair with a hunting light, as the triple N52-magnet construction features twice the magnetic-absorption as the previous X-WM02. The clamp unfurls a whole 180° and uses an adjustable ring to ensure your light is snug and steady.
Fenix ALG-16 M-Lok Rail Mount
Code: FNX.ALG16

The Fenix ALG-16 M-Lok Rail Mount, is a great solution for mounting a flashlight to a rifle with a M-Lok guide rail. The quick release roller allows you to mount a flashlight for a secure fit. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, the Fenix ALG-16 M-LOK Rail Mount is strong and lightweight—perfect for harsh conditions where durability counts.

Compatible with flashlight body diameters of 23.5-26mm and a head less than 40mm

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