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Fenix ALD-05 Helmet Flashlight Holder
Code: FNX.ALD05

The best way to attach your flashlight to you helmet is the ALD-05 Helmet Flashlight Holder. The rubber suction cup strap securely attaches to most types of helmets. Fits flashlights with a body diameter of 20-28mm and the mount is 360° adjustable, allowing you to put light where you need it. Made of an anti-static rubber material, the ALD-05 is heat resistant and oil resistant—built to withstand any environment.

Fenix C7 High Performance LED Flashlight
Code: FNX.C7
The Fenix C7 is a high-performance rechargeable flashlight for industrial maintenance and operations. It features USB Type-C charging with the included 5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. Delivering an output up to 3000 lumens flashlight in turbo mode while throwing its beam a distance up to 470 meters, and the runtime reaches 68 hours when used on Eco mode. The magnetic base is perfect for hand-free use, to attach the flashlight to a nearby metal surface. The Fenix C7 LED flashlight is an excellent tool you can't miss, to be a good pal in kinds of outdoor activities or to use in kinds of industrial workplaces.
Fenix TK16 V2.0 Tactical Flashlight
Code: FNX.TK16V2
The Fenix TK16 V2.0 flashlight delivers functionality and performance, authorizing it as a reliable and necessary tool for emergency and tactical applications. Featuring Luminus SST70 LED, included with an ARB-L21-5000U, battery, this tactical light emits a maximum output up to 3100 lumens and throws a beam distance of 380 meters. The Fenix's unique APF (Advanced Pulse-frequency Transmission System) makes more compact structure and tactical ability. The TK16 V2.0 has a dual tactical tail switch for instant activation and strobe; easy one-hand use for tactical situations. Compact body with stainless steel strike bezel is perfect design for law enforcement, security and defense.
Fenix PD40R V2 LED Flashlight
Code: FNX.PD40RV2
The Fenix PD40R V2.0 is a portable flashlight with USB Type-C charging interface. It achieves precise output selection through the unique mechanical rotary switch. Fitted with a single Luminus SST70 LED, the light delivers a max output of 3000 lumens and a max beam distance of 405 meters. With the included 5000mAh/21700 battery and the USB Type-C charging interface, runtime will never bother anyway. It is worth mentioning that the light is capable of tail standing, plus the included lanyard and body clip, the flashlight is versatile in numerous application scenarios. You must be surprised at what the light offers for outdoor activities and emergency situations.
Fenix TK20R V2 flashlight
Code: FNX.TK20RV2
The Fenix TK20R V2.0 is a multipurpose tactical flashlight featuring an incredible performance by throwing a maximum of 3000 lumens and a beam distance of up to 475 meters. Quickly and easily operate the light to choose between six lighting modes by using the dual tactical tail switches. It’s durable and rugged with IP68 dustproof and waterproof ratings. The included high-capacity 5000 mAh Li-ion battery can be conveniently charged through the USB Type-C port on the flashlight, making the Fenix TK20R V2.0 flashlight your go-to tool for high-intensity and long-lasting tactical performance.
Olight Warrior 3S LED Flashlight

The Warrior 3S is a powerful dual-switch tactical flashlight with a proximity sensor. The cool white LED paired with a TIR optic lens delivering up to 2,300 lumens. It features 6 output settings that can be selected on demand using the side switch. For tactical operations, the dual-stage tail switch allows quick and easy access to the most important settings such as turbo and strobe. The newly adopted proximity sensor drops the brightness level proactively in case of obstruction. The bezel is also less aggressive than before for a more comfortable pocket-carry experience. Like the Warrior 3, its tailcap is compatible with an optional lock-on dual-button remote switch for WML application. Powered by a 5000mAh 21700 battery, it charges easily by the MCC3 cable. The 4-level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch always keep you informed about its status. The Warrior 3S is a do-it-all tactical flashlight that will guide you through any situation.

Olight Seeker 3 Pro
The Seeker 3 Pro is an ultra-bright floodlight flashlight great for outdoor activities. Its 4 high-performance cool white LEDs boast an incredible max output of 4,200 lumens and a 250-meter beam distance. The newly adopted rotary knob switch on the head allows for smooth adjustment between brightness levels. Surrounding the rotary knob are the indicators to reveal the brightness and battery levels in real time. The built-in proximity and thermal sensors keep the light and nearby objects safe on higher settings. Continuing with its classic style, the Seeker 3 Pro is more powerful, way brighter, and packed with new refinements that make it one of the most well-designed pocket lights out there.
Fenix WT50R LED flashlight
Code: FNX.WT50R
The Fenix WT50R is a robust flashlight that is enhanced with a practical handle. This powerful flashlight has a maximum light output of 3200 lumens + 500 lumens in the tail light and a beam distance of 425 meters. The Fenix WT50R is great for law enforcement, security personnel and search and rescue teams. The double light source can be used individually and at the same time. The most practical about the double light source when you use them at the same time, is that you will see things that are far away and things that are right at your feet. The light in the base is great when you want to keep your hands free. Place the flashlight on its head (tilt 90 degrees) and you will see that it remains stable. This additional light source has a maximum light output of 500 lumens. Planning to search a wide area? Hold the flashlight in your hand. The flashlight feels great in hand thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle. For additional comfort you also receive a shoulder strap you can attach to the flashlight. Combine the 3200 lumens in the front with the 500 lumens in the base to achieve the maximum light output of 3700 lumens. The Fenix Wt50R is enhanced with a battery indicator. As such you will always know how long the battery will last. Is it time to charge the battery? You can quickly charge it with the included USB Type-C cable and adapter. Even while charging you can easily check the charging status. You can also use the Fenix WT50R as a power bank.
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Fenix LR35R LED Flashlight
Code: FNX.LR35R
This powerful flashlight has a similar body to the Fenix TK35 torches but is much more potent with 10,000 lumens of output. Additional features include a heavy-duty pocket clip, USB Type-C charging port, wide beam angle, and a throw distance of 500 meters. What makes the Fenix LR35R even better is the 6 Luminus SST40 LED's that are powered by two powerful 21700 batteries. The flat body design of the LR35R allows it to be lightweight, sturdy and only measuring 140 mm length. One key feature of this fantastic LR series flashlight is the battery level indicator located on the single switch control button. Intelligent step-down overheat protection helps keep the light from overheating while using the maximum outputs. The LR35R 10000 lumen flashlight is IP68 dustproof and waterproof. Perfect for outdoorsmen, or for anybody who wants to dramatically light up the night, the LR35R defines what is possible from a mid-sized flashlight!
Fenix HT30R Laser Light

The Fenix HT30R is a white laser flashlight. A Class 1 laser emits a broad spectrum white light, allowing this flashlight to throw 500 lumens a jaw-dropping distance of 4921 feet (1500m)—that is just under a mile! The laser light creates an extremely focused spotlight beam, with little spill over light. The dual tail switches operate on/off and momentary on plus 3 lighting modes. Twist the flashlights’ head to reveal the hidden USB Type-C charging port and recharge the light when the battery level indicator shows you are running on low. IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof. Choose the HT30R when extremely long distance illumination is needed.

Fenix LR50R Multifunctional Search Light
Code: FNX.LR50R
The Fenix LR50R is a super bright flashlight made for search and rescue. TheFenix LR50R flashlight emits a truly remarkable output of 12000 lumens.Capable of 950-meter beam visibility, it can be used to find any object in the dark. Dual stainless steel side switches allow you to quickly activate and cycle through the general six brightness levels, and functional modes including instant turbo, strobe and SOS. With the included USB Type-C charging port you can fast charge the Fenix LR50R in a matter of hours, or use the discharge function to charge your other devices.A special and user-friendly brightness downshifting sensor function is designed to avoid high temperature at close-range lighting. Choose between the versatile modes to easily adapt to your surroundings, this flashlight is the perfect tool for exploring and search and rescue.
Olight Marauder 2
Code: OLT.MAR2
The Marauder 2 is an upgraded version of the X7R Marauder. A large LED has been added in the center of the head to enable an 800-meter spotlight beam, and 12 small LEDs circle the edge to create a 14,000-lumen floodlight beam. It has two switches on the body. The toggle switch at the middle is quick to select either spotlight or floodlight, while the upper rotary knob is intuitive to adjust brightness levels. Surrounding the rotary knob switch are indicators to reveal the brightness level, the battery level, and the charging status. The flashlight features a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to ensure safety in case of overheating and obstruction. Powered by a built-in 54Wh rechargeable battery pack, it enjoys an extended runtime and may serve as a power bank to charge other digital devices. Its upgraded USB-C charging port allows fast charging and reverse charging, and is shielded by a port cover resembling aperture blades. Mighty like a beast and small enough to fit in one hand, the Marauder 2 is a great help to searchers, rescuers, rangers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.
Fenix LR80R Rechargeable Searchlight
Code: FNX.LR80R
The Fenix LR80R is the definition of a super bright handheld searchlight. This flashlight will impress everyone with an outstanding 18000 lumens powered by the built-in 7.2V/12000mAh Li-ion battery pack. Capable of 1130 meter beam visibility, it can be used to find any object in the dark. Dual switch design allows you to enter high and low-brightness modes quickly. With the built-in USB Type-C charging port, you can fast charge the Fenix LR80R in a matter of hours or use the discharge function to charge your other devices. A unique and user-friendly brightness downshifting sensor function is designed to avoid high temperatures at close-range lighting. You can easily carry the LR80R with the detachable handle or use the tripod socket for outdoor photography. Battery level indicators will tell you when to charge the LR80R with the included charging cable. This powerful flashlight can serve multiple purposes, including search and rescue missions.
Olight X9R Marauder LED Flashlight
Code: OLT.X9R
The X9R Marauder is a powerhouse that offers a mega blast of 25000 lumens output. The unibody construction is machined out of a massive billet of aluminum that has been Type III hard anodized for maximum scratch resistance. The 25,000-lumen output is produced by 6 brand new XHP70.2 LED’s for maximum flood and throw performance. The large side switch is surrounded by 8 blue LED’s on each side indicating what mode you are on (left side) while the right side indicates a precise real-time battery level depending on what mode you are using and for how long. There is a built in thermal detection chip to automatically adjust output to prevent overheating and a proximity sensor in the front to protect close objects from being damaged due to the hot beam. The X9R comes in a large hard-shell case that can be equipped with locks and features a pressure release dial on the front to protect the light from high elevation and large temperature changes in transit. The X9R comes with a removable battery pack, home charger, car charger, shoulder strap, and retainer ring for anti-roll. We are proud of our years of hard work and dedication to produce one of the highest performance/quality and technically advanced flashlights in the world.
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