Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I place my order

    Place your order in 3 different ways:

    • Placing an order through our web store: Create an account with your personal details and login to You can browse our website check and choose the products suiting your needs and add them to your shopping cart. To complete your order you will be asked to fill in some further information throughout the Check out process.
    • Via telephone: Calling us at and place your order via phone.  Our colleagues in the web department service are at your disposal Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00 and Saturday 09:00 - 15:00 to provide you with the information needed, to help you choose the best suitable product for your needs and arrange your shipping details.
    • Collecting your products from our stores: You can either complete your order through our website or by telephone. In Both cases you can choose to pick up your products from one of our stores. In both cases your order we’ll  be reserved for you for 7 days, after 7 days we will release the products of your order and if you still need them you will have to place the order again.
  • Payment options

    • Credit Card: You can use your Visa & Mastercard credit and debit cards issued both from Greek and foreign bank institutions. The amount of your order is charged to your card once.
    • Bank Deposit: When completing your order, state your preferred bank from the two available options (Piraeus Bank and EFG Eurobank). Then, after depositing the price of your order, please send us the bank deposit receipt by email to The process of sending the order begins after receipt of the proof of deposit.
    • PayPal: account ( Pay for your order easily, quickly and securely through the PayPal online payment service. Select the payment method "PayPal" when completing your order and log into your account to confirm the payment. The dispatch process of the order starts after the confirmation of the payment in the PayPal account.
    • Cash on Delivery: You pay the price of the order in cash to the ACS Courier employee upon receiving the package at your location. Cash on delivery payments are only available for shipments within Greece. In addition, you should know that in the case of ordering special products, you may be asked to pay 30% of the total value of the order as an advance payment..
  • Delivery Options

    The processing of orders received by takes place from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 am to 15:00 pm.
    If you submit your order on a Sunday or holiday, it will be processed on the next working day. Regarding the delivery time, if the order is completed before 15.00 and the products are available, you will receive it within 24-48 hours.
    Delivery time may also be affected by the payment method you have chosen.

    • Delivery with courier Service: ACS Courier is nominated to deliver your order at your place, all over Greece and in the areas covered from their delivery network. You will deliver your order safely and quickly within 24 to 48 hours. (Time depends of the delivery area. Attika and large civil centers served in 24 hours, Islands and difficulty approachable areas served in 48 hours). Click here to see more about our shipping cost and time policy.
    • Delivery via cargo company:  In case of an order with heavy products, the shipment is carried out with a transport company of your choice. Our company undertakes the transport costs from our warehouses to the offices of the transport company you cooperate with in Athens.
    • Pickup from our stores: Complete your order in our online store and pick up the products from Dissios stores in Athens (Karytsi Square 10, tel. 2103232662) or in Paiana (Spyrou Dima 50 & Lavriou Ave. 154, tel. 210 6647333). If the products are available, the collection can even be done on the same day. The order is valid for 7 days, after 7 days we will release the products of your order and if you still need them you will have to place the order again.
  • How can I create an account at

    Creating an account in our website is not only a very quick and simple procedure, but also a very useful option as it provides you with the flexibility of controlling your personal details and tracking your orders.
    In order to create your own account click on upper right header of each page at the point «Welcome/account»

    • At this point click on New customer, and you will immediately be redirected to a page with a very simple form, which you will have to fill in.
    • In the first field enter a valid email address, in order to be able to receive useful emails such as password retrieving information that are mandatory for your account validation.
    • In the following field provide a password containing lower case Latin letters, numbers, symbols or any combination of the above.
    • Next retype your password, system will secure there is no typing mistake.
    • In the end after clicking on «Register» button your account will be created and you will not have to repeat this procedure again every time you would like to sign in as registered user or place an order at
  • How can I sign in, in my account at

    Signing in is a very simple procedure.

    • Click on the upper right header of each page of at the «Login» button and fill in your email address at the corresponding fields,
    • then click the «Login» button.
  • What can I do if I forget my account password

    Recovering your password is an easy process.

    • Click at the top of the page on "Account / Login".
    • After being transferred to the login form, click on the sentence "I have forgotten my password". 
    • Then fill in your email and the captcha letters that appear in the relevant icon, in the respective fields.
    • The new password will be sent to your email.


  • Why should I create an account at and how can I manage it

    Your account is a space exclusively yours within our online store. Once logged in you can make purchases, track your orders and manage your personal information. When logged in, your name appears at the top of the page and you see additional information:

    • My Account – Clicking on "My Account" you can see the information you have entered, the recent orders you have made and you can log out.
    • My details – Clicking on "My details" you can see all the details you have registered in your account, such as your contact numbers, your address, your email and your password. If you want to make corrections or changes, you should, after completing them, click on the "Change" indicator.
    • My orders – Clicking on "My Orders" you can see all your past and current orders and their status.
    • Logout – Clicking on this indicator, you log out of your account at


  • What should I know about product availability

    All products in our online store have one of four (4) availability indicators. These indications are:

    • Available: These products are in our warehouses and available for immediate shipment.
    • Coming Soon: These products are to be delivered to our warehouses within the next ten days. As long as you add them to your order, they will be delivered to your place immediately after receiving them in our warehouses. 
    • Made to order: With this indication certain specialized products are characterized for which we will have to make a special order to our suppliers.
      Delivery time depends on the product, but varies between 20 and 40 days. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the telephone service department of
    • Unavailable: Products with this marking are out of stock and cannot be ordered. Very soon they will be replaced with new ones.


  • What can I do If I change my mind about the order I placed? Or what can I do if I receive a present that I wish to replace

    In the "Terms of Use" section you will find in detail our policy regarding product returns and exchanges. In any case, for your best service, please contact the customer service department directly at (+30) 210 6647333. We will be happy to serve you from Monday to Friday, 09:00am - 18:00pm and on Saturday, 09:00 am - 15:00 pm.


  • What can I do if I receive a product that is not working properly?

    In the "Terms of Use" section you will find in detail our policy regarding returns and exchanges of products deemed to be defective upon delivery. In any case, for your immediate service, please contact the customer service department at (+30) 210 6647333. We will be happy to serve you from Monday to Friday, 09:00 am - 18:00 pm and on Saturday, 09:00 am - 15:00 pm.