Panasonic Powerline Industrial AAA LR03 Alkaline batteries 10 pcs

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These Panasonic Powerline AAA, LR03 batteries use innovative alkaline technology to provide steady, reliable power to medium and high drain devices. Provided in a plastic-free pack containing 10 batteries, this product has been designed for industrial use, where businesses require AAA batteries in bulk. Manufactured with Panasonic’s ‘Power Reservoir’ that allows them to provide constant power for longer, these batteries are also a cost-effective option compared to alternatives. With a voltage of 1.5V, these batteries are commonly used in blood-pressure machines, digital cameras, and security system devices. Part of Panasonic’s Industrial range, these versatile cells have a wide operating temperature and a low self-discharge rate. This makes bulk purchases easy to store, due to their long shelf-life.

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More Information
Brand Panasonic
Technology One Use
Chemistry Alkaline
Battery Size AA LR6
Voltage 1.5V
Package items 10
Common device Applications Radio Clocks, Remote controls , Business & Home portable appliances, Cameras, Wireless Desktop Sets, Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Mice, Wireless Systems, Electronics, Flashlights , GPS trackers / Locators, Medical devices, Security devices, Signage Lamps, Video Game Controllers
Equivalent to sizes AAA, LR03, MN2400, PC1500, AM4, K3A, 4003, MX2400
Dimensions D x L 10.5mm x Height: 44.5mm
Weight 116 gr
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