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Enersys CYCLON SLA Battery Monobloc 4V D cell


The Monoblock D cell 4V 2.5Ah from Enersys CYCLON made from 99.99% pure lead so they offer more surface area from conventional batteries and far more power, a longer service life, long cycle life - up to 300 charge/recharge cycles & extreme temperature performance (-40C to +40C).

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Enersys Cyclon Monoblocs series

The purity of the materials used is key to supporting the CYCLON Monoblock battery's performance benefits. A longer service life, meaning fewer replacements and the cost associated with it, combined with higher reliability and fewer system failures result in a lower long term cost of ownership to the end user or equipment owner.

CYCLON Monoblocs batteries have a resealable 50 PSI safety valve which let’s gases escape, then automatically reseals, so there's no risk of excessive gas accumulation within the battery, or "dry out" failure from repeated recharges.

Made from 99.99% pure lead, CYCLON Monoblocs battery plates are extremely thin, so they offer more surface area then conventional batteries and far more power. High purity acid is absorbed right into the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators, so the CYCLON battery provides leak-proof operation in any position.


CYCLON Monoblocs cells use a sealed construction providing:

  • High rate charge and discharge capabilities 
  • Extreme temperature performance (-40C to +40C) 
  • Pure lead-tin construction 
  • Low internal resistance 
  • Long cycle life - up to 300 charge/recharge cycles 
  • Rapid charge capable - under 1 hour recharges possible
  • Can be added together to get higher voltages and capacities. 
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A. and C.A.B. 


Batteries from the EnerSys “pure lead” family are used in a wide variety of standby and portable/cyclic applications including those in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Defense installations
  • Aviation (may require FAA or other appropriate agency certification/approval for installation in aircraft)
  • Computer back-up
  • Electric vehicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Solar power
  • Lawn and garden equipment

Technical Specifications

Battery brand Enersys Cyclon
Type VRLA Battery
Voltage 4 V
Amperage 2.5 Ah
Cells 2
Chemistry Pb
Technology Rechargeable
Nominal Short Circuit Current for charged cell 400A
Approximate Internal Resistance 10mΩ
Self Discharge Every 24 months or when the open circuit voltage drops to 2.00 volts per cell, whichever occurs earlier. Inventory should be checked more frequently if storage temperature regularly exceeds 25°C
Terminal 4.75 X 0.64mm
Applications UPS, Medical, Security Systems, Telecomunications, Transmitters
Life Expectancy Up to 8 years
Container Material Cases are available for most designs in either flame-retardant ABS Cycolac (General Electric) material, meeting UL 94V-0 flammability rating, or Styrene (available only in 2X3 D and X battery configurations).
Certification D.O.T, F.A.A, I.A.T.A, ISO14001, ISO9001, Approved for Air Cargo transportation
Manufacture Quality Reinforced, Made by pure lead, High performance, Maintanance free
Dimensions L x W x H L79.5XW46.0XH69.9 mm
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 360gr

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Enersys CYCLON SLA Battery Monobloc 4V D cell