Multipower Lead Acid Battery 6V 1Ah

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Multipower Lead Acid Battery 6V 1Ah


6V 1Ah MultiPower Sealed Lead Acid. This battery is for general purpose with 3-5 years in standby service or more than 260 cycles .All batteries are highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.

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Multipower lead acid batteries,

  • maintenance-free
  • high current types
  • cycle types
  • longlife types high current
  • For efficient energy storage make multipower accumulators an ideal power company is in the field of
    • safety and security system,
    • emergency power supply,
    • medical technology,
    • for the industry
    • for the leisure / sport and hobby.
  • Multipower accumulators are characterized in that they have a low self-discharge and a long service life.
  • Their valve regulation they are maintenance-free and sealed.
  • Safety, reliability and performance are just as natural in multipower how to optimize the respective series on their applications

Technical Specifications

Battery brand Multipower
Series MP
Type VRLA Battery
Voltage 6V
Amperage 1 Ah
Cells 3
Chemistry Pb
Technology Rechargeable
Maximum Discharge Current 15A (5sec)
Approximate Internal Resistance 33mΩ
Self Discharge With in 20oC IN 6 months period the Retention will be reduced to 80%
Terminal F1 Faston Tab187
Applications Lightings Systems, Medical, Transmitters, Hobbies, Flashlights
Life Expectancy Up to 3 years
Container Material ABS UL94 HB Flame retardant case / cover
Certification C.E mark No needed, D.O.T, I.A.T.A, ISO14001, ISO9001, Approved for Air Cargo transportation
Manufacture Quality Standard, Made by pure lead, High performance, Maintanance free
Dimensions L x W x H L51±2 X W42±1 X H51±1 mm
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 300gr

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Multipower Lead Acid Battery 6V 1Ah