Varta Lithium CR123A 3V 6205

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Varta's CR123A lithium batteries provide the power source most used in today's cameras and high power flashlights. Lightweight and durable these batteries perform well in extreme temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees F.
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CR123 batteries were originally designed to fit into numerous cameras. And so, in spite of its relatively recent introduction to the world of batteries, this squat battery, is relatively common. It provides consistent power, and is a bit more compact than its more widely used AA counterpart. Despite being small, the battery will last about five to six years in a product that has general usage.


More Information
Brand Varta
Technology One Use
Chemistry Lithium
Battery Size CR123
Voltage 3V
Package items 1
Common device Applications Cameras, Flashlights
Equivalent to sizes DL123A, EL123A, K123LA, CR17335, CR17345, EL123AP, L123A, PL123
Dimensions D x L 17.0mm x 34.5mm
Weight 0.017Kg