Panasonic Pro Power D Alkaline battery

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Panasonic Alkaline Power D batteries are developed to provide reliable and dependable power.
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  • Premium pro power gold alkaline range: developed to provide reliable and dependable power, Pro Power Gold range replaces the popular Panasonic Xtreme Power range batteries
  • The Panasonic Pro Power battery has up to 80% extra performance compared to Panasonic standard Alkaline batteries
  • Ideal for high drain applications such as in large flashlights, radio receivers and transmitters, boomboxes, products with electric motors, safety systems, Geiger counters, megaphones
Panasonic PRO D Panasonic PRO D

Panasonic PRO D

More Information
Brand Panasonic
Technology One Use
Chemistry Alkaline
Battery Size D LR20
Voltage 1.5V
Package items 2
Common device Applications Radio Clocks, Toys, Flashlights
Equivalent to sizes D, LR20, MN1300, 13A
Dimensions D x L 34.2mm x 61.5mm
Weight 300 gr