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CR927 Lithium battery Camelion 3V


CR927 Lithium coin primary cell 3V

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Primary lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) button cell with good characteristics in wide and varied conditions.
It can definitely be competent and be satisfied the diverse demands for the small size of high energy button case


  • Superior shelf life and operational life 
  • Design/assembly flexibility 
  • Button cell are UL recognized products 
  • MSDS approved 
  • Superior leakage resistance 
  • Wide range of capacity from 25mAh to 950mAh 
  • A variety provides of tabs types for welding 


  • Primary / Non-rechargeable 
  • Small size and light wegiht with high voltage and energy density 
  • Good characteristics in wide and varied operating conditions 
  • Elimination of leakage 
  • Excellent temperature characteristic 
  • Nominal voltage of 3V, approx twice the voltage level of alkaline button cells 
  • High energy density 
  • Best practical capacity / volume ratio 
  • Low self discharge rate 
  • High open circuit and load voltage (above 3.0 volts per cell) 


  • Motherboards 
  • Remote control 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Medical industry electronic (keyless entry, glucose monitor, heart rate monitors) 
  • Measuring equipment 
  • Payment systems 
  • Toys 
  • Watches, etc

Technical Specifications

Country of Manufacture Germany
Brand Camelion
Technology One Use
Chemistry Lithium
Battery Size CR927
Voltage 3V
Capacity mah 30 mah
Package items 1
Common device Applications Watches, Memory Back up, Remote controls , Blood Pressures, Calculators , Cameras, Toys, Wireless Systems, Electronics, Fitness devices, Glucometers, Key fobs, Medical devices
Equivalent to sizes 927, BR927, BR927-1W, VR927-1W, DL927, DL927B, ECR927, LM927
Dimensions D x L 9.5 X 2.7 mm
Notes The price shown does not include the watch battery replacement cost
Weight 1gr

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CR927 Lithium battery Camelion 3V