Duracell HR14 C PreCharged Battery 3000mah

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High performance C batteries 3000 mAh. Great for the environment and your pocket. The Duracell brand has long been associated with high performance and reliability, making Duracell the most trusted battery for all applications.

Duracell rechargeable batteries deliver maximum performance from a brand you can trust. With up to 1000 recharge cycles they are a great economic and environmental choice and can be used in most devices that C batteries are used. They give reliable power with hundreds of recharge cycles, making them a great economic and environmental choice.

duracell-C 2200 duracell-C 2200
duracell-C 2200 duracell-C 2200
More Information
Brand Duracell
Battery Size C LR14
Chemistry Ni-Mh
Voltage 1.2V
Capacity mah 3000 mah
Precharge Precharded Battery
Common device Applications Clocks, Radio Clocks, Toys, Flashlights
Package items 2
Weight 145 gr
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