Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Battery 700mAh 1

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Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Battery 700mAh


Fenix 16340 rechargeable battery has a built-in protection circuit an a high capacity at 700mAh, includes pressure relief vents with battery you have the assurance you are getting the highest quality possible.  With multiple layers of protection, you can expect minimum 500 charge cycles.

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fenix arb-l16-700 16340 battery fenix arb-l16-700 16340 battery
fenix arb-l16-700 16340 battery fenix arb-l16-700 16340 battery

All Fenix rechargeable Li-ion batteries is a high capacity cells with a protection circuit in the anode
to help prevent short circuits, over charge/discharge and overheating.

The batteries also includes pressure relief vents which expel waste gas in the rare case of an internal short circuit preventing an explosion.


  • Designed with a protruding contact point for series use
  • Has no memory effect
  • Negligible self discharge
  • Outstanding performance
  • Excellent reliability
  • Compact design
  • Is the best match for your high-drain devices such us Flashlights
  • More than 500 cycles
  • Light weight

Further Info : 

  • Li-ion batteries should never be left charging unattended under any circumstances. 
  • The user must have knowledge of how to charge and discharge Li-ion batteries before using them. 
  • Always use a charger that is designed to recharge the particular Li-ion cell that you wish to recharge. 
  • Never use a DC adapter to charge Li-ion batteries. 
  • We are NOT responsible for any damage that is caused by the misuse of Li-ion batteries. 
  • We recommend charging any Li-ion cell on a metal or other non-flammable surface.

Technical Specifications

Country of Manufacture China
Brand Fenix
Battery Size 16340
Chemistry Li-Ion
Voltage 3.7V
Capacity mah 700 mah
Dimensions D x L 16 x 35 mm
Manufacture Quality Reinforced, High performance, Over current protection, No memory effect
Positive Pole Button Top
Over Discharge Protection Protected
Precharge Non Precharded Battery
Common device Applications Toys, Electronics, Flashlights
Package items 1
Weight 18gr

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Fenix ARB-L16-700 16340 Battery 700mAh