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Ankway Solar Security Camera Wifi FHD
Code: CH.ASC001
This is a wireless solar-powered outdoor / indoor security camera that can be set up anywhere, requires minimum sunlight, and just a faint WiFi signal. It is 100% self-sustained and never needs to be plugged to recharge. Incorporating a rotatable lens that you control from your phone, it includes a camera and a solar panel with a built-in long-life battery that attaches to the top of the camera to capture maximum power from the sun. You don’t need to wire power to remote areas of your home or office. The camera’s IR LEDs have a range of up to 90 feet and its powerful white LEDs flashlight ensures the most detailed and clear picture. Rotating lens allowing it to pan and rotate a full 360 degrees and horizontally 120 degrees. You can control the camera’s movement from your smartphone app from anywhere in the world. It records bright and crisp videos in 1080p HD (with audio!), allowing you to identify faces from far away and even in the dark. It also sends instantaneous motion alerts, and streams video and audio live to your smartphone. With its built-in speaker and mic, you can listen to everything the camera records anytime on the app, and even deter intruders by projecting your voice over the built-in powerful 2-way speaker. Equipped with a waterproof solar charger and built-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, the waterproof camera operates flawlessly in the rain, shine, snow, or ice. No matter the conditions outside, you can depend on uninterrupted surveillance without having to worry about charging or wiring your camera. It is an all-in-one solution for surveillance outside your home or office. It can be mounted easily on any surface at any angle. No matter the area, the weather, or the lighting conditions, it will capture the action, record it, and notify you!
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