Laptop battery Toshiba Satellite C50 white_1

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Laptop battery Toshiba Satellite C50


The compatibility of MultiEnergy battery with your device is absolutely guaranteed.

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Technical Specifications

Battery brand MultiEnergy
Device manufacturer Toshiba
Compatible Device Laptop
Voltage 14.8V
Capacity mah 2200 mah
Rate Wh 32.56 Wh
Chemistry Li-Ion
Cells 4
Certification C.E, RoHS, ISO9001
Dimensions L x W x H 277.10 x 38.76 x 21.28mm
Color White
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 250gr


For Toshiba series

Satellite C50
  • Satellite C50-A
  • Satellite C50-B
  • Satellite C50D-B
  • Satellite C50Dt-B
  • Satellite C50t-B.
Satellite C55
  • Satellite C55-A
  • Satellite C55-B
  • Satellite C55D-B
  • Satellite C55Dt-B
  • Satellite C55t-B
Satellite L50
  • Satellite L50-B
  • Satellite L50D-B
  • Satellite L50Dt-B
  • Satellite L50t
Satellite L55
  • Satellite L55-B
  • Satellite L55D-B
  • Satellite L55Dt-B
  • Satellite L55t-B
Satellite S50
  • Satellite S50-B
  • Satellite S50D-B
  • Satellite S50Dt-B
  • Satellite S50t-B.
Satellite S55
  • Satellite S55-B
  • Satellite S55D-B
  • Satellite S55Dt-B
  • Satellite S55t-B
Satellite Pro C50
  • Satellite Pro C50-B
  • Satellite Pro C50D-B
  • Satellite Pro C50Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro C50t-B.
Satellite Pro C55
  • Satellite Pro C55-B
  • Satellite Pro C55D-B
  • Satellite Pro C55Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro C55t-B
Satellite Pro L50
  • Satellite Pro L50-B
  • Satellite Pro L50D-B
  • Satellite Pro L50Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro L50t-B.
Satellite Pro L55
  • Satellite Pro L55-
  • Satellite Pro L55D-B
  • Satellite Pro L55Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro L55t-B
Satellite Pro S50
  • Satellite Pro S50-B
  • Satellite Pro S50D-B
  • Satellite Pro S50Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro S50t-B.
Satellite Pro S55
  • Satellite Pro S55-B
  • Satellite Pro S55D-B
  • Satellite Pro S55Dt-B
  • Satellite Pro S55t-B

Replaces battery


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Laptop battery Toshiba Satellite C50