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The online shop of Dissios Batteries is online since 2007 and is specialized in batteries of all kinds, any use, for every use, for both home and business applications.

More than 3000 battery codes are available to meet your every need: for small and big gadgets, electrical and electronic devices, laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras etc.

We work exclusively with the leading battery manufacturers who are certified from the top organizations worldwide. At the same time, we strictly follow all the international standards and all quality controls in our manufacturing products.
Every product at your door with 1-5 years warranty.

In we provide the solution for all your energy needs and we make sure we deliver your products within 24-48 hours, with high quality, competitive prices and security for your online transactions.

We stand by you at all the stages of your purchase… with our customer support via phone or email, offering you guidance and all necessary information for the products you desire, while providing technical support and after sales service to all our customers, individuals or companies.

We never stand still! is continuously evolving by following all the technological developments and by adding new products, new categories so that we can always be one step ahead of your needs!