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Choetech XDD01 8K DisplayPort Cable 2m
Code: CH.XDD01
Supports Up To 8K Resolution: Deliver the astonishing quality of Ultra HD to your 8K display.- Multi Modes Available: Adds convenience and increase productivity- 165Hz Rapid Refresh: No lag and stuttering for gameplay- Provides higher and stronger performance. Provides ultra-high 165Hz refresh rate, it reduces flicker and reveals sharp detailed images as it upgrades quickly, providing you with none-flickering game playing experience. Supports 8K@60Hz high resolution, 32.4Gbps bandwidth transmission speed allows you to enjoy the games in high resolution and with lightning-fast refresh rates, Dynamic HDR standard and DSC 1.2 display stream, these make the details of the picture more delicate and clear, to meet the needs of enthusiasts. Directly connect a DisplayPort-equipped host, laptop graphics card to the monitor, HDTV, projector for crystal clear audio and high-definition video; support the mirror mode, extended mode & multi-stream mode, perfect for home theater, gaming, office, VR experience or the extension of a workstation. Made of 30AWG tin-plated copper, Al-Mg braid, aluminum foil, CHOETECH Displayport cable will effectively resist electro-magnetic interference and remain stable signal transmission. Gold-plated connector ensures superior durability and reliability. 165Hz refresh rate reduces flicker to give you a really comfortable and smoother gaming experience.HDR Provides more dynamic range and images detail than normal images. Resolution: Up to 8K(7680 x 4320) @ 60Hz. Refresh Rate: 8K(7680x4320) @ 60Hz, 4K(3840 x 2160) @ 144Hz, 2K(2560x1440) @165Hz.
Choetech XHH01 8K HDMI Cable
Code: CH.XHH01
Choetech 8K HDMI cable supports higher resolution of 8K 60Hz for immersive viewing and smooth fast-action detail, and compatible with 4K 120Hz, 2K 144Hz 165Hz, 1080P,etc. provides you more vivid images and videos with dynamic hdr. Ultra high speed cord supports 48Gbps bandwidth signal transmission to achieve the highest transmission rate without signal loss. With golden-plated connectors to reduce interference with wireless services, like Wi-Fi. With Variable Refresh Rate, Quick Frame Transport, Quick Media Switching and Auto Low Latency Mode, this HDMI cable perfectly avoid flickering and reduce latency for a smoother gameplay. Widely fits HDMI-enabled devices. Perfect compatible with Samsung TV, LG TV, Fire TV, Roku Stick Player, Xbox One/360/Series X, Playstation 5, PS3, PS4 PS5, Pro, Blu-ray player, projector, computer, laptop, monitor, and more. Ensures ideal values for every moment of a video. Enhanced gaming features and provide you the best experience. The most recent HDMI 2.1 support resolutions up to 10K for broad usages.
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