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Energizer Industrial AAA LR03 battery
Code: ENER.INDLR03-10
Energizer Industrial Batteries are exactly the same as the high quality Energizer batteries available to consumers. Produced with industry, manufacture and business in mind, they are supplied cheaper due to bulk packaging and higher box quantities. Energizer Industrial AA and AAA batteries are supplied in boxes of 10, while C, D and 9V come in boxes of 12. Less waste improves the environmental considerations, and reduces costs. Energizer Industrial batteries are a favourite of government departments, hospitals and schools due to their high performance and great value.
New! - Panasonic Powerline Industrial AAA LR03 Alkaline batteries 10 pcs
Code: PAN.PWLR03-10

These Panasonic Powerline AAA, LR03 batteries use innovative alkaline technology to provide steady, reliable power to medium and high drain devices. Provided in a plastic-free pack containing 10 batteries, this product has been designed for industrial use, where businesses require AAA batteries in bulk. Manufactured with Panasonic’s ‘Power Reservoir’ that allows them to provide constant power for longer, these batteries are also a cost-effective option compared to alternatives. With a voltage of 1.5V, these batteries are commonly used in blood-pressure machines, digital cameras, and security system devices. Part of Panasonic’s Industrial range, these versatile cells have a wide operating temperature and a low self-discharge rate. This makes bulk purchases easy to store, due to their long shelf-life.

Duracell Procell MN2400 Constant AAA LR03
Duracell Procell is a premium professional battery brand, exclusively serving the professional market. While other battery brands serve both retail and professional customers, Procell solely focuses on the professional market in order to guarantee products and services specifically designed for professional usage. As a result, Procell Alkaline batteries are used by millions of professional end-users and leading professional around the world for its quality, reliability, performance and service.
Procell Intense Power MX2400 AAA LR03
Procell Alkaline Intense Power AAA industrial batteries are specifically designed to last longer (vs. prior Procell Alkaline AAA batteries) in high drain professional devices that require a high amount of power or peaks of power, such as blood Pressure monitors, soap dispensers or flashlights. Economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management. Used by manufacturers around the world: Procell Alkaline batteries have been designed in collaboration with manufacturers to work best in professional devices. Operating temperatures from -4°F to 129.2°F.
Energizer Ultimate ΑΑΑ Lithium battery L92 Professional Pack
Code: ENER.L92-10

The Ultimate Lithium™ AAA is the Worlds Longest Lasting battery*. Never run out of power thanks to our large battery packs. These value packs of 10 batteries are available in re-closeable and 100% recyclable packaging+ – a perfect solution for professionals. Wherever you work whether it’s a construction site, facility maintenance, medical centre, business office or classroom: no professional portfolio last longer^, these AAA batteries keep your electronics ready for the job. Based on standard use, they’re 100% leak proof to protect your work site devices. And, if you use work outdoors or in environment where the temperature may vary, these batteries operate in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 60ºC. All that lithium performance comes in a heavy-duty AAA battery that weighs 33% less than a standard alkaline, making them ideal for portable devices. Weighs 33% less than a standard alkaline battery. Holds power for up to 20 years in storage. Features leak-proof construction. World’s longest-lasting AAA battery. Works in extreme temperatures from -40ºC to 60ºC

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