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Fenix AER-03 V2 Remote Pressure Switch
Code: FNX.AER03V2
The Fenix AER-03 V2.0 is an upgraded model of our popular remote pressure switch. The perfect accessory for your rail mounted flashlight, this remote switch allow you quickly turn on/off your flashlight or select momentary on, and mode/output selection (mode selection only on select flashlights), with the noiseless (no click) pressure pad switch. Easily attach your remote switch either by cable ties or Velcro (both included). Made of durable, non-reflective materials this remote switch is IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof underwater to 2m. Switch compatible with TK16, TK20R, TK32, TK25IR, TK25UV, TK25RED, TK25R&B Fenix flashlight models
Special Price €15.00 Regular Price €19.00
Fenix ALG-05 TAC Remote Pressure Switch Rail Mount
Code: FNX.ALG05
The Fenix ALG-05 tactical remote pressure switch mount is specially designed for Fenix AER series tactical remote pressure switches (remote pressure switches must be purchased separately). With a simple push, quickly and easily attach the mount to any standard Picatinny rail. This creates a secure hold for the AER pressure switch. The body of the mount is made of aluminum alloy with hard-anodized finish, and it is non-reflective with a matte black finish, making it better for tactical concealment. AER-02 V2 & AER-03 V2
Fenix AER-02 V2 Remote Pressure Switch
Code: FNX.AER02V2
The Fenix AER-02 V2 pressure switch is the upgrade you have been waiting for. The non-coiled and shorter cable allows for a more compact set up on an AR. The AER-02 is compatible with a wide variety of Fenix Models, most of which you may already have. The all black and anti-glare design makes is perfect for tactical applications. There is no need to worry about waterproofing as the AER-02 is IP68 rated. This awesome accessory is excellent for law enforcement officers, tactical and swat teams. The main circle switch on the AER-02 V2 will function like the tail cap power switch, turning the light on and off. The pressure pad will act as a "half-press" of the tail cap switch. In other words it will achieve only momentary on. The AER-02 V2 is not able to change brightness levels on any light except the PD35TAC (only while in the Tactical Mode). In all other lights it will only turn the light on and off. Its is Compatible with the following fenix models: TK15, TK22, TK15 UE, TK09, PD35V2.0, PD35 TAC, PD32, UC35, FD41, FD40
Fenix AER-05 tactical Remote Pressure Switch For APF Flashlights
Code: FNX.AER05
The Fenix AER-05 remote pressure switch is specialized in tactical flashlights with APF circuits. Its tail adapter is made of A6061-T6 aluminum with type III hard-anodized and anti-abrasive finish. The dual tail switch panel includes a silent pressure pad switch and a round tactical switch allowing easy and fast operation of momentary-on or constant-on illumination. The innovative voiceless design with attached Velcro makes it very reliable and practical in your tactical missions or hunting. Its high-elastic PU cable with a length of 23cm fits most gun barrels. It is compatible with APF flashlights powered by 21700 batteries, such as Fenix TK16 V2.0, TK28 TAC, PD36 TAC
Olight RWX07 Magnetic Remote Switch
Code: OLT.RWX07
Olight RWX07 Magnetic Remote Switch, is one of the world's first magnetically attached remote pressure switch! Use this with the Olight compatible flashlights for instant tactical lighting. With less cord to get tangled, and a lower click noise, this switch helps you stay focused in the heat of the moment. Let this switch take your tactical skills and lighting capabilities to the next level!Compatible with Olight Flashlight Models M2R Pro, Warrior X Pro, Warrior X, Javelot Pro Low. Quick and simple attachment, Low click noise for less distraction, Long lasting electronic switch life, Extremely low standby current, Less cord, less tangles and snags.
Olight RPL-7 Magnetic Remote Switch
Code: OLT.RPL7
The Olight RPL-7 is a superior magnetic pressure remote switch made specifically for the Olight PL-PRO Valkyrie Rechargeable Weapon Light. This pressure switch can be quickly attached or detached from your light with the magnetic connection. No more fumbling with screws and wrenches! The pressure switch itself is extremely sensitive and creates no noise when pressed, making sure that your location stays concealed. It contains a long elastic contact strip so that you can place it easily anywhere on your weapon. Elevate your hunting and tactical skills with this new Olight accessory! Magnetic attachment to light for quick and easy installation and removal, Noiseless switch for continued concealment, Long elastic contact strip, Straight cord for less tangling.
Olight RWX Magnetic Remote Switch
The RWX is the brand-new pressure switch built specifically for the Warrior X, Javelot Pro and M2R Pro - featuring a noiseless and a sensitive pad for perfect switch manipulation. The coiled cable extends the reach of the switch to around 0.8 meters. The RWX is securely connected to the flashlight body magnetically which is a first for the industry. The switch pad includes a long, wide, and tightly wrapped elastic strip allowing the entire surface to easily be activated. The RWX is the perfect weapon attachment accessory for your Warrior X, Javelot Pro or M2R Pro. Natural length of the coiled cable is 0.25m while reaching 0.8m when fully stretched.. The RWX is securely connected to the flashlight body magnetically. Silent switch to conceal the user’s position. Convenient switch pad. The RWX includes a long and elastic contact strip allowing the user to press anywhere on the pad to activate the switch AL6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy & Heatshrink tubing.
Fenix AER-06s tactical remote switch
Code: FNX.AER06S

To use exclusively with the GL19R Tac Light, the Fenix AER-06s tactical remote switch is the perfect lighting accessory for weapon’s short rail system. This remote switch allow you quickly activate the GL19R or press and hold to activate Strobe. The 45° angled button accommodates a variety of grips. Easily attach your remote switch with either the MIL-STD-1913 base or the included M-Lok rail adapter.

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