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Choetech C0029 Wall Adapter 1 x USB
Code: CH.C0029
Intelligent Charging Built-in smart IC chip can automatically recognize your device and match the optimal charging speed of the device, greatly improving charging speed and efficiency. Wide Compatibility Adaptively charge all 5V USB-powered devices (including Android and Apple) at full speed, such as iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S/6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6, Google, HTC, LG, iPad and more. Premium Performance Sophisticated IC circuitry ensures complete protection for you and your devices, including over-heating, over-current, and short-circuit protections. Anti-fire ABS + PC material makes it durable so you can use it for a long time. Portable Size for Travel Compact and portable size makes it very easy to carry on with you everywhere, an ideal charger for home, business, and travel.
Olight Universal Magnetic USB Charger
The UC (Universal Battery Charger) is a universal magnetic USB charger for all single cylinder rechargeable lithium or NiMH batteries of variable sizes. The charger is connected to the battery through the magnetic ends. It can recognize the battery polarities, with a maximum charging current reaching 750mA. This product has a simplified structure resembling that of an earphone. It also uses premium eco-friendly silicone material and tangle-free flat cable design making it easier for storing and carrying. UC is an excellent charging choice for outdoor use and traveling.
Choetech Q5009 3 x USB Wall Adapter
Code: CH.Q5009
The total output current can reach 3.4A (Max) And the maximum output of a single port is 2,4Α a, quickly recharge your USB-enabled devices. Equipped with 3 USB output ports, you can charge your phone, tablet, power bank, for iPad at the same time. Charger can automatically recognize your devices and matches the optimal charging speed of connected devices and reduces charging time. Load safe Reliable design with advanced technology to provide protection against overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and short circuits. Capable of charging almost all USB enabled devices such as a smartphone, tablet, power bank, and other USB-enabled devices.
Choetech Q5003 Quick Charge 3.0
Code: CH.Q5003
QC3.0 fast charging technology, charging power up to 18W. Built-in intelligent identification chip, it will intelligently match your device. Made of 94V0 grade fireproof PC material, can resist high temperature and normal impact, ensuring long service life. Compatible with most phones and tablets of major brands with USB-A interface. Exquisite and small, easy to carry, travel without burden.
Choetech PD5005 USB C Charger 20W
Code: CH.PD5005
This Type-C port charger delivers maximum charging speed for smartphones, iphones and other devices, Built-in intelligent chip, provides protection against over-current, over-voltage, over-heat and short-circuit and ensures safe charging for your devices. Design with moderate compact size, ensures adequate space and heat dispportion when charging. Lightweight and compact design is convenient to use while traveling, at work or at home. Better fit your storage requirements.
Fenix ARE-X1 V2.0 Smart Battery Charger
Code: FNX.ARE-X1V2
The Fenix ARE-X1 V2.0 is an upgraded battery charger with many great features to make sure you can quickly and safely charge your Fenix batteries. It includes a max charging current of 1500mA with a digitally controlled computer chip that will help extend your battery life. The ARE-X1 V2.0 also has a battery level indicator that will display both the charging and discharging status. This compact battery charger also has five levels of protection: over-charge, short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, reverse polarity. You can also use the USB Type-c port to charge or discharge. The ARE-X1 is compatible with many battery types, including the standard 18650 and 21700 size batteries.
Choetech PD6003 USB C Charger 25W
Code: CH.PD6003
This Type-C port charger delivers maximum charging speed for smartphones, iphones and other devices, Built-in intelligent chip, provides protection against over-current, over-voltage, over-heat and short-circuit and ensures safe charging for your devices. Design with moderate compact size, ensures adequate space and heat dispportion when charging. Lightweight and compact design is convenient to use while traveling, at work or at home. Better fit your storage requirements.
Fenix ARE-D1 Single Channel Battery Charger
Code: FNX.ARE-D1
The Fenix ARE-D1 is a single-channel smart charger, built for different types, and different size, rechargeable batteries, whether it be Li-ion, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd. Supports Micro USB charging and USB discharging to keep your other devices charged too. The three charging currents on the all-new Fenix ARE-D1 include 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 amps for a variety of different battery types. You can safely charge all your Fenix batteries with the four tiers or protection including short circuit, over current, over voltage and reverse-polarity protection. Battery life is extended thanks to the micro-computer chip inside the ARE-D1 charger that controls and regulates digital charging. Another added feature of the ARE-D1 Charing is the ability to use it as a power bank via the USB discharging port. You can easily see battery charge information and current with the high-definition LCD screen. The ARE-D1 is the perfect charger to have as a backup in your car or toolbox to charge single battery flashlights like the UC35 and PD35 TAC
Choetech PD5003 USB C / USB-A Charger 33W
Code: CH.PD5006
The Choetech Quick Wall Charger is equipped with two USB A and USB Type C ports (max 33 W), which support the Quick Charge and Power Delivery standards. The charger can operate at up to 33W when two devices are connected at the same time. This way, you can save a lot of time by powering your two portable devices at the same time It has protection against overload, overvoltage, overheating, short circuit and leakage. Ensuring security for indoor and outdoor areas.
Choetech T517 Magnetic Snap on Wireless Charger
Code: CH.T517
Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 Series with Mag-Safe Charger, is specially designed for iPhone 12/12 mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max.No More alignment problems, Snaps magnetically into place to ensure perfect alignment and a strong hold for stable and efficient charging. Note: this wireless charger only magnetically sticks to iPhone 12 series.For other devices you need a magnetic sticker plate. Magnetic wireless charging, sensitive in induction. When charging the iphone 12 series from 0-100%, it takes almost the same time as the original iphone magnetic charger. The smart chip security system certified by Qi and ETL can protect your phone from overcharging, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit. Is also compatible with AirPods pro 2 with a wireless charging case, and all Qi-enabled devices. Charger is super slim and Compact, made of seamless aero-class aluminum body and mirror-like panel that provides reliability and performance.Ultra-slim design makes it fit your pocket easily, suitable to accompany you on business trips. Sleep-friendly indicator informs you of charging state anytime.
Choetech PD6009 2 x USB C Fast Charger 40W
Code: CH.PD6009
With a total output of up to 40W, this double USB c PD wall Charger will identify your devices intelligently and provide the fastest and most efficient output current, 20W on each port. Equipped with blue LED indicator, the USB c dual charger’s illuminates when plugged into a power outlet, which makes it easy to locate the charging port in the dark. Rapid charger two devices simultaneously, which can shorten the time and save outlet place when have to charger to the device. Provides a fast charge for Type-C phones and tablets, such as the latest iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S22, 21 etc. It's sleek and small enough to easily slip into your purse or pocket, making it ideal to travel with. With intelligent chip inside, the 40W Dual USB C wall adapter offers multiple safeguards against excessive current, overheating, overcharging, and more.
Fenix ARE-A2 Dual Channel Battery Smart Charger
Code: FNX.ARE-A2
Never run out of power with the new Fenix ARE-A2 dual-channel battery charger. This upgraded battery charger can effortlessly charge AA, AAA, C, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18650, 21700 and 26650 batteries. The Fenix ARE-A2 has a multiple protection design that includes short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and reverse polarity protection. You can easily view battery details on the bright LCD battery charger display. Single clicks will cycle through the voltage, charging current, and charging time details. A long press on the button will turn off the LCD screen. High-definition LCD screen displays the charging status and battery level clearly. Be ready to charge any your flashlight batteries with the new Fenix ARE-A2 dual-channel battery charger.
Powerex MH-C204W Charger
Code: DIPX.MHC204W
The Powerex MH-C204W 1-Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger for AA / AAA NiMH Batteries. You can charge 2 batteries in approximately 1 hr, or 4 in about 2 hr. The charger does not require an external power adapter, as it has a universal power adapter built in. This fact, combined with the charger's compact size, comparable to a consumer digital camera--makes it easy to transport virtually anywhere.
Fenix ARE-D2 Dual Channel Battery Charger
Code: FNX.ARE-D2
The Fenix ARE-D2 Smart Charger is a dual channel charger that can accept a large variety of battery types and charge two simultaneously. The high 2A charging current allows for rapid recharging. It only takes 1.3 hours to completely charge a 2600mAh battery! The standard micro USB charging port gives you options for power input as it can fit a USB adapter, power bank and solar panel. The three different charging currents allows you to choose which option is best for your battery. The high definition LCD screen allows you to monitor your charging status clearly for each bay. When charging a Li-ion battery in the B channel, you can also use the discharge function to charge other devices at the same time! Never be left without power to your essential devices again!
Choetech Q4004 USB C Fast Charger PD 60W
Code: CH.Q4004
USB C Wall Charger 60W, PD 3.0 Fast Charge Your USB-C or PD Devices. USB C PD Charger supports 60W Full speed charging for all USB-C laptops, tablet, Smartphones, MacBooks, Ipads ultrabooks and more. Built-in smart identification chip automatically identify the voltage and current required by the device. Universal Compatibility Perfect for laptops and tablet. Fast charge all PD Device. Ultra compact and lightweight ensure maximum portability wherever you want to go. Engineered to be 30% smaller than a standard 61W MacBook charger. Certified Safety UL Certified, safety charge for you and your laptops and tablet. The USB C charger with pd charging port is made of V0 fire retardant PC material. Design with over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, and short-circuit protection, exhaustive protection while charging.
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