Privacy Policy recognizes the importance of the security of personal data issue, as well as the electronic transactions security. For this reason all necessary measures has been taken in order to ensure maximum security of the users.
All information related to the users' personal information safeguarded as confidential in compliance with the current legislation for personal data privacy and confidentiality.
The security of e-shop, achieved through the following methods:

By completing the registration, the User receives a sign in code (Username) and a secret code (Password), each time user access the site with these codes absolute security to personal information is ensured.
User has the option to change the password as often as desired.
Only user has access to these data and is solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of those from third parties.
In case of code loss or leakage user should immediately notice; otherwise is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. in no way reveals or publishes personal data and information of users / customers.
Personal data are used exclusively for the efficient execution of transactions.
All information is encrypted and stored safely.
To ensure privacy of data transfer, uses SSL encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) which today is the most secure platform for on-line trading.
SSL protocol encrypts all personal information, the credit card number, name and address so that they cannot be access or changed during transfer over the Internet.
SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is the global standard for certification sites (web sites) to all web users for data encryption between network users and network servers (web servers).
All information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a special operating system automatically detects whether data has been altered during transmission.
The user data (name, occupation, email address, home address, landline phone, mobile phone, etc.) and transactional data of the e-shop users considered as confidential.
Users by granting their data within the limits of trading conditions in, will be informed by the and they accept / consent the impending data processing such as personal data, for the purposes of smooth and easy transaction between the parties of the transaction, as well as the transfer of such data to recipients who will specifically identified, like the servants and agents of the company in order any transaction to be fulfilled.
Μoreover with the present notification is recognized the existence of the right of access and the right to object of this, under Article 12 and 13 of Law. 2472/1997. 
It is confirmed that only authorized employees have access to information and transactions only when necessary, e.g. for orders processing.
Furthermore undertakes the responsibility not to expose customer information and their transactions information, unless off a written customer authorization, or a law or judgment order or decision of any other public authority. Personal data stated in the e-shop, used exclusively by or an affiliated with this business, in order to support, promote and execute the trading relationship.
The set of documents and electronic data that will be exchanged between the parties in the sale will be held from Customers can access those data if they wish.

Online Dispute Resolution-ODR (Part 14 Regulation ΕΕ 524/2013) :